Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kate's 1st theme park!

I've always looked forward to the day we could take our sweet girl to one of the parks in Orlando! She isn't ready for Disney yet, but we decided to take her to Sea World because she loves animals and fish so much and it's a little more laid back. Good decision, because we ALL had fun! My mom, Brett's mom, his sister Kacey, my brothers Scotty & Jeremy, and their gfs Holly and Haley all joined me, Brett & Kate for a great day!

Watching the dolphins. See those precious curls she has in the back? Ya, she'll never get a haircut ;)

She was, at first, a little unsure of Elmo LIVE! She loves him, but right there on the stage, he was big and loud, but by the end she was clapping and bopping her head!

Kate wouldn't fall asleep being carried around the park or in her stroller,  but she finally fell asleep 4 hours after nap time on my lap with her hand in her snack cup during the loud polar bear movie. Go figure!
It also took 4 attempts over 30 minutes before she would finally lay down in her stroller. Sleep has never been her strong point.

The "kids." Kate and Haley have quite the connection...look at that stare down!

We actually spent 2 days at the park, which allowed plenty of time for Kate to go at her pace. Good thing, because she really just wanted to walk everywhere by herself! We just bring the stroller to hold everything else ;)

No fear! Reaching right in to touch the stingrays

Loves her Nannie so much!

She spotted this "aygator" hat as we walked by. Didn't want it on herself but insisted I wear it! Anything for this sweet girl :)

"Cott Cott," "Gigi," Haley, & Holly

Brett's family

Love this picture of her watching the whales!


Ran into our friends, Greg and Tracy, and their sweet kids!

Long day with a short nap, then out to dinner after the park and Kate was SO good! Got a little antsy towards the end, but was perfectly content once she discovered ketchup dipping! 

The next morning, my sweet friend Patti woke up early on a Sunday to drive across Orlando to meet us for breakfast (which she doesn't even eat) at our hotel! Quick visit, but I'm so glad we got to see her. Love you so much 

Back at Sea World Sunday morning. Kate was AMAZED at the dolphin viewing tank. She is her mother's daughter :)

So the seals. I've always LOVED the seal exhibit and always try to only feed the precious little harbor seals because barking sea lions are obnoxious, but Kate got a kick out of the sea first. I was holding her and she was intently watching the cute harbor seal in the background that we were trying to feed, and then the sea lion RIGHT in front of us barked SO loud that it started her and she screamed :( alligator tears and all. Broke my heart, but once we left there and she calmed down, she kept making their barking noise and opening her mouth (like the one in the picture) imitating them. 

I love these themed parks, and a few years back Brett said we really didn't need to go anymore until we had here we go!

Our little angel, 18 months. 
It was such a perfect weekend and just right for Kate. We'll be back several times for sure!

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